Our Mascot


Sammy the Emu is a very versatile bird which reflects the true Australian character and personality of Samios Plumbing Supplies. The fierce determination of Sammy ‘to have a go’ highlights ‘the Aussie spirit’ and the reason Sammy was chosen as our mascot.

Sammy the Emu is a national icon which conjures up the ‘true blue’ symbolism of our great nation. Sammy represents our strong values of trust, mateship, accountability, pride, determination, drive, reliability, integrity and optimism, and our Australian ownership. Like us, Sammy is a unique Australian icon who cannot go backwards and will continue to become more prevalent in the plumbing industry.

We are proud to be a wholly owned and operated Australian company that will continue to move forward, build strong customer relationships, and supply Australia’s plumbing industry with exceptional service and high quality products.